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KLAVAmed support arms:
Quality, well thought-out in every detail.

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Tube holder

Support arms for ventilation and anaesthesia equipment


Cable holder

Cable holder for functional diagnostics devices


Panel holders

Panel holders and holders for measuring probes
Colour examples of joint shells with push buttons

Colour examples / combinations

Joint shells in black or light grey.
Push buttons in green, blue or grey

KLAVAmed - Proven partner for manufacturers and hospital equipment suppliers.

KLAVAmed support arms are in use all over Europe and worldwide. They prove themselves daily in hospitals, nursing homes and medical practices. Leading manufacturers from the medical technology sector rely on quality components from KLAVAmed.

And this is what makes KLAVAmed support arms so special:

KLAVAmed support arms: Quality, well thought-out in every detail.

The KLAVAmed joint with the push button
The most important advantages:

The particularly durable joint of the KLAVAmed support arm

The joint is a KLAVAmed proprietary development and consists of the highly impact-resistant Verton® plastic. Both half-shells are screwed together and positively locked by a sliding locking segment.

The internal toothed segments allow the joint to be positioned in 3° steps. Adjustment is only possible when the push button is pressed.

Alternatively, the joints are also available with adjustment via a clamping lever. This is useful if infinitely variable adjustment is required for precise positioning of the arm.

This advantage is also offered by KLAVAmed's newly developed support arm for larger loads. A new type of joint with an eccentric lever combines a simple adjustment of the arm with high holding forces in the joint.

This ensures safe positioning of heavier components such as display and control panels or heavy hose systems.

High quality material

For KLAVAmed support arms we use aluminium tubes with an outer diameter of 16 mm. The surface is anodised in natural colour. The wall thickness is 2 mm.
For larger loads, an aluminium oval tube with a correspondingly greater load-bearing capacity is also used in conjunction with the joint with eccentric lever.

Vielseitige Komponenten und Zubehörteile

In addition to our standard range of support arms, we also manufacture many models specifically to customer specifications.
You can choose from a wide range of fixing options, adjusting rings, pivots and colour designs.
Different hose or cable clamps can be installed according to your specifications. Flex shafts of different strengths allow further degrees of freedom when adjusting the holding arms.

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